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Kerr Pacific Corporation is a private, family owned, northwest based company with a long history in grain based foods and foodservice distribution. Although we are still deeply involved in the food business we are now a family office focused on managing and evaluating the family’s investments in the agricultural and food businesses and appraising new opportunities.


The Kerr family involvement in the grain and flour milling industries extends over four generations beginning with Peter Kerr’s arrival from Scotland in 1892 to export Pacific Northwest wheat around Cape Horn to Europe. One could argue we have been in the industry five generations as Peter’s uncle was part of the Dewar & Webb Grain trading firm. For more on Peter Kerr, click here

Under Peter’s leadership Kerr Gifford & Company, Inc. grew into the largest grain exporter and merchandiser on the West Coast at the time of its sale to Cargill in 1953. Peter Kerr’s nephew, Tom Kerr, founded Kerr Grain Company in 1954, later evolving into Kerr Pacific Corporation as the company’s focus transitioned to flour milling and foodservice distribution.

Kerr Pacific has transitioned over the years in many aspects. For instance, we have merged our milling assets with another family to form one of the largest food ingredient businesses in the US and the largest privately held milling company. 

While not under the Kerr Pacific umbrella the family remains actively invested. Those businesses are Grain Craft (milling) & Summit Hill Foods. Summit Hill Foods, in addition to its industrial and national account business, has a growing retail portfolio with such brands as Better Than Bouillon, Louisiana Hot Sauce, Shore Lunch, and our own Southeastern Mills branded mixes.

Until recently we owned HFM Foodservice, the largest Broadline foodservice business in the State of Hawaii. In the fall of 2017 we sold our Foodservice Distribution business to the leading distribution company in the US, Sysco Foodservice.  We are invested in other businesses but the core to our family is and will always be the grain industry.   

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